Geothermal System Service

For customers who already have geothermal heating and cooling system Threshold offers a preventative maintenance program.

Our competent technicians have experience with a wide variety of heatpump manufacturers and are equipped with the necessary diagnostic tools. Periodic inspection, testing and cleaning of your system keeps it running at peak, trouble free efficiency. Most problems are detected before they can cause trouble.


Within the Edmonton area of business - $299.00/year

Outside of Metropolitan Edmonton - $299.00/year + Threshold’s standard travel rates

 Service Plan Includes:

  1. Priority response to service requests.
  2. 15% discount on required materials.
  3. 15% discount on hourly labour rate.
  4. Service reports for your records.
  5. Annual inspection – Including:
    • Ground loop temperatures
    • System operation
    • Thermostat/controls operation
    • Filter media inspection
    • Power consumption
    • Visual inspection and cleaning checklist
    • Performance and recommendation report

 Prerequisites & Assumptions

  1.  A VISA or MASTERCARD number must be provided, or the account must be in good standing, prior to dispatching a technician to site.
  2. Access to the site will be made available at the appointed time.  If the technician shows up on-site at the appointed time, and access is not possible, a call out fee will be charged.
  3. Scheduled annual visits include travel to site and one hour of on-site time. If the technician encounters unforseen circumstances while on-site and additional time is warranted beyond the contracted time, the excess will be billed as per Threshold's standard rate schedule.
  4. Threshold offers a 30 day warranty on all work provided.